Words From the Editor

February 2018

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

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I missed the Women’s March on January 20th, unfortunately, while warding off a sore throat.  But, luckily, our Creative Director, Suzanne Amelung was there and sent me a few pictures.  It was a huge crowd and, as last year, lots of people wearing pink “pussy-cat” hats, and signs of all kinds.  The photo below was my favorite, mostly because of the sign … Together We Fight For All…

So many of the issues confronting us and our government right now are not truly about Us or Them, although we often perceive them that way. Will it ever be possible to find the commonality and recognize the longer-term consequences of our actions, given the human tendency to see things in either/or, zero-sum game terms?  And our political system’s singular focus on the next election (which distorts and limits congressional decisions)?

Those questions may not seem related to this month’s theme of Love and Family.  But I think how we live and relate at the Micro level leads to how we live at the Macro level. Clearly, we all want love and family relationships in our lives, yet so often we sabotage the possibilities.  We don’t communicate well, we hold on to grudges, withhold forgiveness and end up separated or at least distanced from those very things we most want.

This month’s articles focus on a wide range of issues and ideas.  We begin with the family/love/business relationship between couples who work together.  Always a fraught situation, the folks at French Broad Chocolate offer ten tips for navigating that working relationship successfully.

In Real Family, Shannon Todd gives us several ways to build a close family connection even in an environment where work, social media, etc,. might instead separate family members.

Jennifer Adams of Stark Financial illuminates both the red flags and the positive ways to alleviate the tensions common in love and family relationships around money.

Dr. Beth Hampton Jones asks the question:  Is Fido Family?  And answers it with a resounding Yes!   An answer most pet owners that I know will agree with.

Food For Thought this month offers some solutions to a dilemma for many working families:  what to have for lunch, especially when it’s important to take a lunch instead of eating in a restaurant.

As always, we like variety in each issue so you’ll find articles on a range of issues.  And because February is Black History Month we’ve included a profile of Stephanie Swepson-Twitty, CEO of the Eagle Market Street Development project in downtown Asheville.  I think you’ll find it fascinating to read about her journey along with the journey of the project from Urban Renewal to the vibrant commercial/residential district coming to fruition this year.

Enjoy and email me with your thoughts and ideas.  And don’t forget to take our Reader’s Survey!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker