Tips to help you get better
engagement on Facebook

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg put up a statement saying that they are changing the Facebook algorithm again. The algorithm is how Facebook distributes what we post. A lot of business owners are worried about how this change will affect their profits. If you don’t know what is being pushed up and down in the feed, it’s hard to get good engagement and convert your followers into paying customers. In his message, Mark expressed that most users would prefer to engage with friends and family instead of news and ads. Even as a small business owner whose income could be affected by the changes, I agree with him. It’s social media; it should be social.

Even though I make money via Facebook, it’s still very personal to me. My goal is to connect with my community in meaningful ways. I’ve always kept it personal because, in my opinion, good business is personal. Connecting online with others can be difficult. Think about it, ten years ago business owners didn’t use social media the way we do now.

Don’t worry; I got you covered. Here are three tips that will help get more engagement. These tips will help you overcome the Facebook algorithm changes and help you show up as a professional with character and integrity in your business.

Tip 1: Original Content Is Queen

Regardless of how much or how often the Facebook algorithms changes, there is one thing that doesn’t. Content is still Queen.

Here is how you do it:
Create full campaigns for your social media. Share testimonials.
Educate your followers about
your product and your industry.
Show your social responsibility.

Tip 2: Interact with Your Followers

Don’t create one-sided relationships. Remember, fans are fickle, but communities stand together. Building a community around your product or service could take your business to the next level.

Here is how:
Like their statuses
Share products, statuses, content that they share that fits well on your page. Be genuine

I know that you can’t be besties with all of your clients. However, a little engagement goes a long way toward building life-long customers.

Tip 3: Stay on Top of the Algorithm

Use the content that everyone
else wants to see.

Here’s how you do it:
Use pictures to tell your story. You can use a pictorial or other graphics. Break up long text with visuals that support your message. Be sure that your graphics are 80% image and 20% text. That will push it up in Facebook’s algorithm.Post during active times. There are resources to help you determine when to post and software that will allow you to schedule those posts.

Join groups. Be active in groups that are in line with your product and services.

Facebook is the perfect place to connect, converse and convert your ideal client match. Engaging and interacting with your community should be fun and profitable.

Aisha Adams is the founder Aisha Adams Media. She is the author of Vegan Curious and the blogger behind

Written by Aisha Adams