Aspire2health, P.A.

The Joy of Healthy Living:
What 21st Century Medicine Can Offer

Our primary focus at aspire2health, P.A. is listening to you, identifying your health goals, and then helping you reach those goals. Some patients tell us they desire a long and healthy life; Dr. Kelly supports this goal with cutting edge research, such as how one can invest two hours of time in return for 14 hours of extra lifespan. At aspire2health, we practice these principles to be a role model for our patients.

Some of the most powerful tools to build vigorous health and support an active lifestyle are the daily choices we make to give our bodies the nutrition and exercise needed. Dr. Kelly chose to put this to the test by training for his first marathon at age 62. He completed the First Annual Biltmore Estate Marathon, the Half Marathon the following year, and the Grandfather Mountain Marathon since. He trains every week like the Vikings did, running six or seven miles at a time while carrying 20 pounds. This builds endurance, balance, and both upper body and core strength.

Janey Wood Kelly, a registered dietitian at aspire2health, also follows a healthy diet and utilizes fitness training to pursue her goal of “Living Longer More Beautifully.” She provides beauty and longevity consulting in addition to dietary counseling. Her expertise and common sense approach to nutrition help to identify nutritional deficiencies in patients’ diets. For example, magnesium, commonly found deficient in women, can play a role in preventing migraines, palpitations, and muscle aches. Hormone imbalances can also be assessed since these can increase the challenge for meeting a healthy weight goal or for simply having the energy required to provide a healthier diet for self or other family members.

Our holistic approach to chronic conditions involves listening closely and providing hands-on guidance to our patients, unlike traditional medicine, which most often emphasizes drugs and surgery. We use special Sensory Nerve testing for diagnosing and treating nerve damage that is commonly overlooked in chronic pain conditions. We can check your antioxidant status with a biophotonic scanner. For assessing your cardiovascular status we can test your cardiothoracic impedance. You can also experience our new body sculpting laser, SculpSure, to trim off stubborn body fat. Let us help you and your family “aspire 2 health” and find the joy of healthy living in the 21st century.

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Written by WNC Woman