“GoalFriends” Is Coming!

What is Goal Friends?
Last month WNC Woman announced that we would be launching GoalFriends here in Western North Carolina. I am excited to report that, in response, we have received inquiries asking: “What is GoalFriends?”
I met Darlene Whitehurst in 2012. Have you ever met someone that truly changed the direction of your life? I did that day. Darlene (President of Ad Source in Raleigh, NC and founder of GoalFriends) introduced me to Patty Aubrey (President of The Canfield Training Group) and I was invited to a retreat with seventeen amazing women. Darlene introduced the concept of GoalFriends that weekend. This is where I realized the power in hanging out with a group of friends who want to be successful.

That weekend I met a group of women who would hold me accountable for the things I said I wanted. They helped me sharpen and define my goals. They encouraged me to think bigger than I had been. I had others to celebrate my successes with. I had someone I could call for help. We created an International community of seventeen women friends. We all went home with a new experience of Goal Setting, yes, but most of all Friendship.

“We all have dreams…Your goals are the transformers to get you there!” ~Darlene Whitehurst

GoalFriends is a twelve-month commitment. Each person will have a Workbook. ($49) Through the process of goal-setting and personal-development exercises, you’ll start a transformational journey toward living a purposeful and successful life.

The workbook is divided into three sections.
Section One: Introduction to Goal Friends
Section Two: Monthly meeting topics and exercises.
Section Three: Resources to assist you in your goal-setting journey

The great news is you don’t have to come to twelve events. You may decide to join this group or you may decide to start your own GoalFriends group. We will be there to support you in whatever you decide.
WNC Woman will hold a GoalFriends Meeting every month starting Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the Asheville Event Centre, 191 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC. Breakfast will be served. This two-hour event is the first in a series of twelve. You will have an opportunity to learn more, meet other GoalFriends and buy your workbook if you decide to continue. For more information, email Sandra Grace at Sandra@wncwoman.com or call her at 828-231-9960.

Written by WNC Woman