10 Best Things about Franny’s Farm Camp: Where New Experiences Leave Lasting Memories

Franny’s Farm Camp is an immersive experience where children can come into their own and have fun on a 33-acre, sustainable farm setting. Rising 2nd through 11th graders will interact with animals, eat from the garden, cook, journal and enjoy water play daily. Our goal is for campers to leave the farm feeling accomplished by their skills, impressed by their strength, encouraged by the new friendships, forever dreaming of the days spent on the farm and longing to return.

1. Our Mission: To empower children ages 7-16 to learn homesteading skills, self-sufficiency and team work; get their hands dirty; to plant, grow, harvest, preserve and prepare their own food; to tend to farm animals, learn primitive skills like plant identification and fire starting.

2. Only 20 campers per session! Leadership and Role Models! Our amazingly talented Director has a degree in Early Childhood Education and our dynamite counselors are experienced in child-focused outdoor recreation and team-building skills. They have the smarts, spirit, energy and savvy to make a positive impact in your child’s life!

3. Friday Feast/ Service Project: Voted camper’s favorite activity! We spend the week harvesting seasonal produce, canning, dehydrating, cooking and preparing for our Friday Feast that will be shared with visiting preschoolers. The campers set and decorate the feasting table with flower/grass centerpieces harvested from the land, placemats they made, plates and utensils. Campers prepare salads, pickles, jams, hard-boiled eggs, edible flowers, breads, pesto, and more for the Friday Feast. We all enjoy our community meal while sharing stories. Parents are invited to participate.

4. Animal Focus and Activities: Hatching Chicks is always a favorite activity! Daily we focus, connect, interact and discuss a specific animal on the farm- chickens, sheep, pigs, donkey, goats and predators too. Campers are encouraged to just “hang out” with the animals, observe them, think of things to write in their journal.

5. Garden Time/ Homesteading Skills: Collecting ingredients for snack and creating the “popsicle of the day” is always a favorite activity! Gardening is a daily FUN, team-building activity. Along with planting, pruning, weeding and harvesting there is garden play time: scavenger hunts, fun math activities, art projects, plant identification and games. This time is devoted to learning how to grow food and what to do with the abundance: canning, cooking, pickling and value-added products.

6. Mountain Hikes: Each week, campers will enjoy hikes. Whether berry picking or foraging for cooking ingredients, or to reach the mountain peak, play in the woods fort or relax by the old creek barn. Campers enjoy the exercise, peace, games and scavenger hunts while learning about the history of the Appalachian mountains.

7. Water Play: Daily campers enjoy cooling off in the water. Whether by the stream in the shade or jumping in the pond, getting in the canoe or creating impromptu games, campers daily have free play time in the water. And of course, there is a scavenger hunt for this activity.

8. Craft and Journal Time: Daily activity to reflect, think, relax, create and manifest. From making their journals from recycled materials, to tie-dying, painting rocks, crafting from nature and woods to whatever their creative minds conceive. Our campers collectively come up with a “Word of the Day” and by the end of the session, their journals are a keep-sake work of art.

9. Location: Only 20 minutes from downtown and North Asheville, Weaverville and Waynesville. Perfect to buddy up with friends to carpool: an example of teamwork and sustainability.

Directions: 20 minutes from downtown Asheville
From Patton Avenue, proceed 10 miles out Leicester Hwy.
Turn Left on South Turkey Creek.
Go 1 mile. Turn Right on Franny’s Farm Road.

10. Multiple Sessions! Ages 7-16! Full Days! Drop-Off 8 – 8:30 and Pick Up 4:30

Look for special sibling, referral and multi-session discounts
Spring Break Farm Camp: April 10-14
Junior Counselor Leadership Program: Ages 13-16- Any 3 weeks at $150 each
Summer Farm Camp: 6 one-week sessions $300 per week
Girls Primitive Overnight Farm Camp: 1 week only- Sun, July 23- Sat, July 30- $925

Our goal is to teach our campers what it really means to be sustainable and to love all things living. We hope that you join us at Franny’s Farm Camp and get your real taste of farm life. Come by for a visit!

Registration at www.frannysfarm.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker