March 2014


All the content from the March 2014 Women At Work Issue!






Work As Emotional Healing by Clara B. Jones


Minimum Wage Is A Woman’s Issue: True Or False? by the Yankee, Arlene Winkler


RoseLynn Katz: Walking Into Golda Meir by Roberta Binder


A Tale Of Two Healers: Part 1, Veena Somani by Julie Savage Parker


Thrive Rescue Home by Darien McClung


A Beautiful Life Underground by H. Byron Ballard


Three Women Working: Family-Centered Patient Care At Four Seasons by Janet Bull, MD; Joyce Mason, RN; Callie Walston


Profits Through The Roof: How Asheville’s Kelly Wade Inspires Innovation Through Collaboration by Sherri McLendon


Asheville SCORE Helps Small Businesses by Elizabeth Pou


Helping Women Work, One Skirt At A Time by Sandie Rhodes


A Curious Mind Looks At Past-Life Regression, Part Two by Angela Fordice Jordan and Faith Grieger







Words From The Editor by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


Funny, Isn’t It? by Jeanne Charters


CosmiComeday: Workin’ It by Lavinia Plonka


Meet Our Advertisers: Dawn Rouse of Perfect Balance Physical Therapy by Celia Wagner


Meet Our Advertisers: Inception Point Institute, Cheryl Sullivan, C.Ht. by Susan Kohl


Meet Our Advertisers: Jane Smolnik from Ultimate Healing is BACK in Asheville!


Common Sense Health


The Soy Story by Maureen “Mo” McDonnell, RN


Currency Corner & Home Space


Organizing 202: The ABCs of Organizing – “D” Is For Dresser Drawers by Sophia Noll


Food For Thought


Breakfast … It shouldn’t be difficult or boring!!! by Sandy McCall


Mindfully Yours


Dropping Into Love at Work by Judith Toy


Minding Her Own Business


Become a Business Magnet: Are You Parked in the COMFORT Zone? by Saralyn Collins


Women, Spirit & Money: Terrific Testimonials – Let Your Clients Celebrate Their Successes to Communicate Your Business Value by Sherri L. McLendon


Pet Care Corner


Creating A Low-Stress Environment For Your Cat by Amy Plankenhorn, DVM


Women Making Music




Words By Women: Poetry/Fiction/Book Reviews


Book Review: “When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had to Go” by 2nd Lt. Dianah Kwiatkowski as told to Sandra Warren AND “Hidden Casualties: Battles on the Home Front” by Sargent Sara Raye reviewed by Mary Ickes


Poetry: He Talked About His Wife by Julia Nunnally Duncan


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker