January 2014


All the content from the January 2014 Women Minding Their Own Business Issue!








Hookers and Pushers by Cindy Dollar


Meet Our Advertisers: The Cowgirls at Hart Law


Meet Our Advertisers: Dawn Starks Financial Group by Byron Ballard


Social Entrepreneurship To Heal The Globe by Sara D. Stender


When Given A Choice by Barbara Sammons


The Answer To Cancer by Julie Savage Parker


From Baling To Budgeting by Maggie Cramer of ASAP


Local Farmers’ Markets


Kimberly Hunter: Supporting Business Potential by Rachael Johns


The Literacy Council of Buncombe: Gina Poore by Lily Contorer







We’ve Got Mail


Words From The Editor by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


Funny, Isn’t It? by Jeanne Charters


Cosmicomedy: Guaranteed Investments by Lavinia Plonka


Common Sense Health


My New Year’s Inspirations by Maureen ‘Mo’ McDonnell, RN


Currency Corner & Home Space


Organizing 202 – The ABCs of Organizing by Sophie Noll


Food For Thought


Why DO We Crave Comfort Foods? by Sandy McCall


Mindfully Yours

Judith Toy will be back soon


Minding Her Own Business


Become a Business Magnet: Year of the Business Woman by Saralyn Collins


Women, Spirit, Money: The New Year, a Powerful Time… by Sherri McLendon


Pet Care Corner


Women Making Music


Elise Irby Pratt: Bringing On the Next Thing! by Peggy Ratusz


Words By Women: Poetry/Fiction/Book Reviews


Poem: Come Home to Your Breath by Denna J. Shelton


Poem: I Breathe Today by Sophia Ojha Ensslin


Poem: January Thaw by Joanne Meyer


Reviews: WISH by Leanna Sain and Sing Me an Old Song by Morgan James by Mary Ickes



COVER ART by SARI – Sassy Monique


My “Sassy Sisters” always begin with a heart. Why? Because all the sisters I adore are filled with open hearts and lots of love. Many of my gals are also topped with a hat, paying homage to my beautiful mother who was a hat model once upon a time, and a hat lover always. Her last party was a hat party.


I am passionate about color! All of my paintings have a COLOR POP that makes me happy. I work in Pastels because I love the true rich pigment and light reflective qualities they bring to each piece.


~Sari Martin


To see other Sassy Sisters and more, visit www.Sarimartin.com or email the artist at: Sarimartin@aol.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker