September 2013


All the content from the September 2013 Glass Ceiling Issue!








Empowering Younger Generations by Becca Wertheim


Jane Hatley Of Self-Help Credit Union by Kristen Cox


Confessions Of A Female Trucker by Amy “Willow” Allen


Glass Ceiling Or No Ceiling by Emily Ball


Linda Midgett Making Good TV … by Frances Figart


The Dream Of Bharantanatyam by Thessaly Tracy


Ten Cent Poetry – Journey Of The Heart by Rachel Johns


Living Our Decadent Dream by Michelle Baker


Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy by Sherri McLendon


Women Uprising by Ruby Susan Warren







We’ve Got Mail!


Words From The Editor


Funny, Isn’t It? by Jeanne Charters


Cosmicomedy: Climbing Out of the Hole by Lavinia Plonka




Boyd Phillips, NY Life Agent


Wes Beach of Learning Improvement Center


Dr. Kimberly Whitfield, DVM


Common Sense Health


Facts Not Fear Re: the HPV Vaccine by Maureen McDonnell, RN


Currency Corner & Home Space


Organizing 202: Where Does the Time Go? by Sophie Noll


Food For Thought


Gluten: Is There More to the Story? by Sandy MccCall


Mindfully Yours


Meryl Joan Lammers, Hip with Heart by Judith Toy


Minding Her Own Business


Women, Spirit, Money: Will be back Next Month!


Become a Business Magnet: Stuck? Get Moving! by Saralyn Collins


Pet Care Corner


Better Communication with Your Pet, Part I by Leigh Meriweather


Women Making Music


Serpentine Arborvitae: Jazz Goddess by Peggy Ratusz


Words By women: Poetry/Fiction/Book Reviews


Strays by Jeanne Webster: A Review by Mary Ickes


The Swing Girl & A Raft A Boat A Bridge: A Review by Katherine Soniat


Online Content


“Spiritual growth” Is A Rugged Path by Clara B. Jones


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker