October 2012





6     medical herbalist cheri wagner
        tj martin
18   matters of mobility
        susan lachmann
26  Celeste Collins: keeping ontrack
        jonna rae bartges
29   patsy keever: born to serve
        melissa stanz
32   where the wise women are
        kate o’conner
38   a warm welcome at beauty parade
        beth browne
40   this is how she rolls
        mimi kates
44   echoview fiber mill
        roberta binder
47   cup of tea?
        jeri senor
48   kate steinbeck & pan harmonia
        elizabeth gaston
50   we are women, hear us roar!
        Kim fitzgerald
56  biking & building across america
        meira shuman  
59   stepping in
        anne reeder heck       


Of Special Interest


4    status of women report
5    WNC Woman sponsors blood drive
25  writing scholarships fund    
53  making strides against cancer
54  pat cothran for register of deeds     




10   Cosmicomedy: Easy Rider
        lavinia plonka
16   Funny, Isn’t It?  
        jeanne charters
 24  Mindfully Yours: Ode to My Truck
        judith toy


currency corner & home space


12  Laying the Foundation: It’s a Numbers Game
       lorri gifford


Minding Her Own Business


8    Become a Business Magnet: Work at Home But Build Your Business Outside
       saralyn collins

20  Women, Spirit, Money: Living Public Lives  (Includes Web Only Resources)
        Sherri McLendon

22  Parents, Alzheimers & Money
       Abby Cain of Galileo Planning


Common Sense Health

30   Other Side of the Chickenpox-Shingles Story
        Maureen McDonnell, RN


Women Making Music

64   Alisa Kuumba Zuwena- Singing and Dancing for her Life!
        Peggy Ratusz



17   Coping with a Pet’s Death and Next Steps
        Jennifer Duran


Words By Women: Poetry/Fiction/Book Reviews

36   Keowee Valley by Katherine Scott Crawford
       Mary Ickes, a review
42  Remember Me as a Time of Day, poetry compiled by Emoke B’racz    
       Sandi Tomlin-Sutker: a review

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker